PB Instructions

Tenant Review Instructions       Site Plan Development Instructions


An Application for Minor Site Plan Tenant Review for Change of Occupancy is required by Municipal Ordinance § 185-104. Applications can be obtained at the Building Department at 151 West Passaic Street in Rochelle Park
Application for Tenant Review


Resolution Instructions
Once your application is reviewed by the Board, a Resolution is prepared by the Board attorney. The Resolution is the legal document that outlines the approval or denial of the application and any conditions placed on the application by the Board.
§ 185-37. Decisions.
A. Each decision on any application for development shall be set forth in writing as a resolution of the Board, which resolution shall include findings of fact and legal conclusions based thereon.
B. A copy of the decision shall be emailed by the Board secretary within 10 days of the date of decision (memorialization) to the applicant or if represented, then to his attorney, without separate charge. A copy of the decision shall also be mailed to all persons who have requested it and have paid the fee prescribed by the Board for such service. A copy of the decision shall also be filed in the office of the Municipal Clerk, who shall make a copy of such filed decision available to any interested party upon payment of a fee calculated in the same manner as those established for copies of other public documents in the municipality.
If you have additional questions regarding the Resolution process, please e-mail the Planning Board secretary at: [email protected]

ATTENTION: Attorneys and Applicants, please refer to Chapter 185 Land Use Ordinance of the Township of Rochelle Park located on the Township Web site.