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Tenant Review Instructions       Site Plan Development Instructions       


An Application for Minor Site Plan Tenant Review for Change of Occupancy is required by Municipal Ordinance § 185-104. Applications can be obtained at the Building Department at 151 West Passaic Street in Rochelle Park
Application for Tenant Review
1) Fifteen (15) copies of Application for Minor Site Plan Tenant Review Including: Form A. (Parking Information) Form B. (Review by Construction Official) Form C. (Certification of Payment of Taxes)
2) Fifteen (15) copies of sketch of the available parking spaces and dedication of spaces3Fees: Secretary/administrative fee (all applicants except single-family owner-occupied dwellings) $100  Minor site plan approval, tenant review (§ 185-104) $200 plus secretary fee  Resolution Preparation$250Please Note the Following:¨

Fees and application are submitted to the Secretary of the Planning Board.
¨    Planning Board Meetings are held every 4th Thursday of every month at 8:00 p.m. in the municipal building.
¨    You must be present at the meeting for your Application to be heard.
¨    All corporations or business entities must be represented by an attorney.
¨    Your application must be received at least twenty (20) days prior to the scheduled Board meeting.
¨     Only after your hearing and upon receipt of your resolution from your attorney, Application for a Certificate of Occupancy must be made at the Building Department.
¨     Do not take occupancy of any space without the receipt of Certificate of Occupancy and tenant space inspection.

You must send notice via certified mail to all property owners within 200 ft of the premises, and you must publish a notice in the newspaper concerning your Application at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting. A list of property owners can be obtained from the Township Tax Collector. Without proper notification, your Application will not be heard.

Application for Planning Board (other than Tenant Review)
Land Use Application
Items Required:

1. Application Forms: Sixteen (16) copies.
2. Fees and Escrow.
3. Certification of Taxes Paid.
4. Site Plan or Subdivision Plan: Sixteen (16) copies.
5. Affidavit of Ownership. If applicant is not the owner, applicant’s interest in land must be indicated; e.g., tenant, contract/purchaser, lien holder, etc., and permission of property owner to file the application must be submitted.
6. If applicant is a corporation or partnership applying to the Board or the Council for permission to subdivide a parcel of land into six (6) or more lots, or applying for a variance to construct a multiple dwelling of twenty-five (25) or more units or for approval of a site to be used for commercial purposes, list the names and addresses of all stockholders or individual partners owning at least 10% of its stock of any class as required by N.J.S.A. 40:55D-48.1 and 48.2.
7. A statement from the property owner granting permission for the Board and any of its experts to enter the subject premises for purposes of inspection in relation to a development application.
8. Statements as to any requirements for which waiver or variance is sought, together with a statement of reasons why same should be granted.
9. For minor site plans, minor subdivisions, preliminary major site plans and preliminary major subdivisions, a statement of any and all approvals which are required from other governmental or quasi-governmental entities.
10. If approval from the Bergen County Planning Board is required pursuant to P.L. 1968, c. 285, a copy of the application submitted to the Bergen County 11. For minor subdivisions, preliminary major site plans and preliminary major subdivisions, one of the following:
a. A letter of interpretation from the N.J.D.E.P.;
b. A letter of exemption from the N.J.D.E.P.;
c. A copy of any application made to the N.J.D.E.P. for any permit concerning a proposed regulated activity in or around freshwater wetlands; or
d. Documentation from a qualified professional demonstrating that no wetlands exist on the subject property, and demonstrating that no wetlands exist on adjacent property that would affect or limit development on the property which is the subject of the development application.
12. For minor site plans, minor subdivisions, preliminary major site plans, preliminary major subdivisions and variance applications, a copy of any protective covenants or deed restrictions, if any, affecting the property in question; provided that if none exist, an affidavit from the owner certifying that no such covenants or restrictions exist, shall be submitted.
13. Complete checklist provided for one of the following development proposals

Form 1 – Informal (Concept) Subdivision __________
Form 2 – Informal (Concept) Site Plan __________
Form 3 – Minor Site Plan __________
Form 4 – Minor Subdivision __________
Form 5 – Preliminary Major Site Plan __________
Form 6 – Preliminary Major Subdivision __________
Form 7 – Final Major Site Plan or Final Major Subdivision __________
Form 8 – Appeals and/or Interpretation of Ordinance __________
Form 9 – “D” Variance Application __________
Form 10 – “C” Variance Application __________


Resolution Instructions
Once your application is reviewed by the Board, a Resolution is prepared by the Board attorney. The Resolution is the legal document that outlines the approval or denial of the application and any conditions placed on the application by the Board.
§ 185-37. Decisions.
A. Each decision on any application for development shall be set forth in writing as a resolution of the Board, which resolution shall include findings of fact and legal conclusions based thereon.
B. A copy of the decision shall be emailed by the Board secretary within 10 days of the date of decision (memorialization) to the applicant or if represented, then to his attorney, without separate charge. A copy of the decision shall also be mailed to all persons who have requested it and have paid the fee prescribed by the Board for such service. A copy of the decision shall also be filed in the office of the Municipal Clerk, who shall make a copy of such filed decision available to any interested party upon payment of a fee calculated in the same manner as those established for copies of other public documents in the municipality.
If you have additional questions regarding the Resolution process, please e-mail the Planning Board secretary at: [email protected]

ATTENTION: Attorneys and Applicants, please refer to Chapter 185 Land Use Ordinance of the Township of Rochelle Park located on the Township Web site.