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A Reference Guide for Coping with a Flood

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Mapping The Risk
Flood Hazard Maps for your Community May have Changed: What You Should Know
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Public Outreach Program – A Reference Guide for Coping with a Flood

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Rochelle Park’s Emergency Management 
Status & Updates

FEMA Report Zone 2

The Building Department is also involved in safely managing the floodplain. Flooding is part of Rochelle Park’s history. The Sprout Brook and the Saddle River leave their banks during periods of heavy storms and localized flooding can occur during periods of heavy rain.
If you need Information regarding flood prone areas, flood proofing your home or the national flood insurance programs, contact the building dept or visit http://www.fema.gov/nfip/

32% of Rochelle Park is in a flood Zone.
In the event of a flood Rochelle Park will utilize REVERSE 911 to notify residents. 

Flood maps and flood protection references are available in the Rochelle Park Public library or the Building Department located in the Municipal Building at 151 W. Passaic Street. Rochelle Park maintains flood elevation certificates on all new construction projects in the SFHA.

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There are facts every consumer needs to know about the National Flood Insurance Program

  1. Everyone lives in a flood zone.
  2. Flood damage is not covered by homeowner’s policies.
  3. You can buy flood insurance no matter what your flood risk is.
  4. There is a low-cost policy for homes in low-to moderate-risk areas.
  5. Flood insurance is affordable.
  6. Flood insurance is easy to get.
  7. Contents coverage is separate, so renters can insure their belongings too.
  8. There is usually a 30-day waiting period before the coverage goes into effect.
  9. Federal disaster assistance is not the answer.

The Building Department is here to help call us if we can be of assistance. 

Phone: 201-556-0520, Fax: 201-556-0523, building@rochelleparknj.gov 
Hours of Operation: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9-4 and Tuesday & Thursday 7:30-2:30.

Rochelle Park Office of Emergency Management at #201-587-7734 

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