Susan Iacobucci

Susan Iacobucci

I have been a resident and homeowner in Rochelle Park since 1987. I am very proud

that my family lived here 200 years ago at Red Mill/Arcola. In fact, my 4x great
grandfather donated the land for the Arcola United Methodist Church with the red door
which still stands today. The Wendys site was originally a schoolhouse and sits on the
land he donated for $1 in the early 1800’s.

I like to think I followed in his footsteps by giving back to the community and have
served in various volunteer capacities in town. After the town’s purchase of the Captain
Tyson House, I organized a gardening committee to begin taming the property and
worked there with many other volunteers until the Open House in October 2017 which
brought over 400 visitors from Rochelle Park and surrounding towns, giving Rochelle
Park special recognition. This group of dedicated volunteers became the core of the
Rochelle Park Historical Society for which I served as secretary for the year it was
active. I volunteered in the Building Dept. for 18 months and at Sacred Heart Food
Pantry. I am a member of the Planning Board and was appointed Township Liaison to
the Library. My career has been spent serving various corporate boards and in legal

During the 35 years I have been a resident of Rochelle Park, I became a senior and
retired. As such, I am keenly aware of the constraints of living on a fixed income as
many of our resident seniors do. I believe it is just as important to the seniors of this
township, as it is to me, to maintain property values and keep our taxes stable. The
challenge lies in maximizing the township’s revenue, finding new revenue streams while
keeping a watch on expenses and maintaining its infrastructure. I consider it an honor to
be serving on the Township Committee and will always put the well being of our
residents first.

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