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Wilbur J. Lotz

Town Historian

Committeeman Wilbur Lotz is a resident of Rochelle Park for fifty-eight years. He and his wife Ann, have a son Robert, who is a teacher at Hackensack High School and a daughter Patricia, who is a former councilwoman of Pompton Lakes, and is currently employed in the medical field.

Committeeman Lotz was first appointed to the Rochelle Park Police Department in 1947. He served as a special policeman for nine years. He was then elected to the Rochelle Park Board of Education in 1957 to 1960. He then ran for Committeeman in 1960 and he was elected and served for twelve years. During this time he served as the Mayor for three years. He worked as a liaison for the Township Committee in the 1950s over-seeing the introduction of the Salk vaccine for the prevention of Polio. In that same time period he served as liaison to the Swim Club Committee that planned and built the Rochelle Park Swim Pool.

In 1971 serving as Mayor, Rochelle Park had their 100 year Centennial Celebration. As Committee Liaison to the Department of Public Works he was instrumental in updating the Rochelle Park Sewer Connection to the Bergen County Pumping System. Lotz also worked with the Bergen County Parks Department to improve the Saddle River to aid in alleviating some of the flooding in the third and fourth district.

In 1972, Lotz was appointed to the Bergen County Parks Department by the Bergen County Freeholders, for five years.


He served as Vice President from 1975 to 1977.

After a brief retirement from political office, he was asked and accepted to run for office in 1991. He was elected for a three-year term. He was appointed to the Municipal Complex and Senior Housing Committee in 1991.
In 1992 Lotz was appointed as the liaison for Rochelle Park to the A.D.A. Commission. During that time he was also liaison to the Township for the completion of the new municipal complex building.

Elected again in 1994, for three more years he continued to serve as Police Commissioner and chairman of Building and Grounds. Re-elected again in 1997, Lotz continued as Police Commissioner and Chairman of the Building and Grounds. He also served as vice chairman for the celebration of the 125th Anniversary of Rochelle Park.

Bill Lotz was inducted into the New Jersey League of Municipalities Hall of Fame during the 8th Annual Mayors Legislative Day on June 28th, 1999.

This honor is reserved for local municipal governing body members that have served more than twenty years in elected municipal office. As part of the days events, Governor
Christie Whitman, Senate President Donald DiFransiesco, Assembly Speaker Jack Collins and the prominent State Officials made the presentations for this award.

This year 2004, Bill was re-elected for Township Committee.  he also is the liaison for the fire department for 2003 - 2004.