Office of Emergency Management
151 West Passaic Street, Rochelle Park, NJ 07662

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Emergency Management Coordinator - Pete Donatello
Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator - Sal Antista




To provide guidance for the development and operation of a viable emergency operations center program during any emergency or disaster situation and to ensure completion of required emergency actions.

The Township of Rochelle Park does not have a designated EOC.  The Rochelle Park Police Communications Center would serve as the primary Emergency Operations Center and Fire Headquarters Communications Center as a secondary Emergency Operations Center during times of an emergency.  The EOC will be utilized as the base of operations for Municipal-level Emergency Management activities.   

Each department head, or an appropriate designee with decision-making authority, will report to the EOC when activated to facilitate the efficient coordination of emergency response capabilities by various units and organizations in local government.  

A.        The  Rochelle Park EOC is currently located in at the Police Department located at 151 West Passaic Street.       
The alternate EOC is located in Fire Headquarters,  Lotz Lane

B.         The EOC's Protection Factor for Radiation has not been determined.  Since no provisions have been made for radiological protection in the construction of the building it is assumed that the Protection Factor would be negligible. FEMA's publication N.A.P.B.-90 shows that Rochelle Park is  within a "risk area" where FEMA considers the provisions of Radiological Protection to be impractical.   

C.        Both EOC=s could be affected by serious flooding.


A.        During periods of heightened risk where advance warning of the potential for disaster exists, preliminary Emergency Operating Center preparations will be made and the emergency management coordinator will give frequent briefings and situation updates to department heads

B.         The key personnel assigned to the EOC are as follows:

  1.  Mayor

2.  Township Administrator

3.  Emergency Management Coordinator

4.  Deputy Coordinator

5.  Fire Chief

6.  Ambulance Corps Captain

7.  Chief of Police

8.  Red Cross Disaster Coordinator

9.  Public Works Superintendent

10. Director of Health Services

11. Director of Welfare Services

12. Public Information Officer

13. Resource Coordinator

14. Damage Assessment Leader

 The above is to be used only as a guide.  The actual staffing of the EOC will be dependent on the nature and extent of the emergency.  The final determination of the staffing for any specific event will be made by the Emergency Management Coordinator.

C.        Under a nuclear attack situation or a threat to national
            security, municipal direction and control organization and
            operations will adhere as closely as possible to the
            functional policies described in the Emergency Operations



The Township of Rochelle Park Office of Emergency Management is looking for anyone who may be interested in participating in the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) program. This program is intended to educate non-emergency service personnel on basic emergency procedures.

This program will provide basic training on what to do before, during and after a disaster. Most importantly the training aids the participant in protecting themselves and their family during emergency situations.

The CERT team members will receive training on:

  • CERT and Disaster Preparedness

  • Disaster Fire Suppression

  • Disaster Medical Operations

  • Light Search & Rescue

  • Terrorism Awareness

  • Disaster Psychology

Please contact the Rochelle Park Office of Emergency Management at 201-587-7734 if you are interested in participating in the CERT program.