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Swimming Pool Safety Tips

  • Know the shape of the pool bottom and water depth before diving or sliding head first
  • Plan your path to avoid submerged obstacles, surface objects, or other swimmers
  • When diving, keep your arms fully extended over your head, hold your head and hands up, steer with your hands
  • Never dive into an above-ground pool
  • Never dive into the shallow end of an in-ground pool
  • Never dive off the side of a diving board, dive straight ahead
  • Never dive from retaining walls, ladders, slides, or other pool equipment
  • Never dive head first at, or through, floating objects such as inner-tubes
  • Never dive head first into unfamiliar bodies of water; learn the depth first
  • Never swim or dive alone

All parents have a responsibility to instruct their children in the proper behavior at a swimming pool, and safe swimming and diving techniques.

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