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Teenage Parties

Every summer the police department receives a number of calls concerning teenage parties. The majority of these parties are held by teens whose parents are not at home.
If you allow your teenager to have a party when you are not at home, please do the following:
  • Tell your children that if unwanted guests arrive and refuse to leave, they should call the police department
  • Insist that no alcohol be served. New Jersey statutes prohibit the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons under the age of 21. In particular, New Jersey Statute 2C:33-17 makes the offering, or serving, or making available of alcoholic beverages to persons under the legal age (21) a criminal disorderly persons offense, which is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and up to six months in jail, or both. The purpose of this law is to discourage the drinking of alcoholic beverages by persons under the legal age by placing more responsibility on adults who might otherwise encourage such behavior
  • Arrange for a neighbor to drop in at random to check on things
  • Consider your potential criminal and civil liability if a party gets out of control. In addition, adults, homeowners, and others who allow or provide alcoholic beverages, especially to minors, risk civil liability should accidents or injuries result from intoxication

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