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Sexual Assault Prevention and Protection

Sexual assault is not a crime of passion, it is a crime of violence. Far from being impulsive behavior, most sexual assaults are planned. It happens on streets, in homes, in parks, and in other places. The attacker has no regard for age, race, or social status.
The Rochelle Park Police Department offers the following suggestions as a way of safeguarding yourself from becoming a victim:
  • Have good locks on doors, and keep them locked at all times
  • Never open the door to a stranger, and always require them to identify themselves satisfactorily. If you are at all suspicious, call the police immediately
  • Donít let a stranger (man or woman) inside your home to use the phone. Make the call for him/her, or call the police to help
  • Have lights set on timers in more than one room. Have them operational 24 hours
  • If you receive an obscene telephone call, hang up. Immediately pick up the phone again, listen for a dial tone and push *57 if you have a 12-button push button set with touch-tone service. If you have a rotary or pulse-dialing phone, dial 1-1-5-7, listen for the confirmation announcement then hang up. Make a note of the date and time you received the call you traced, then call the police. The number of the last call you received will now be reported to Verizon. These directions may also be found in the introductory section of the phone book
  • If you return home and find a door or window has been forced or broken, do not enter your home. Go to a neighbor and call police immediately
  • Do not keep jewelry and/or valuables in the master bedroom

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