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Safety Tips For Pets

Be considerate to your pet in the hot summer months. Extreme heat can be fatal to a dog, so keep your pet inside when the temperature soars. If your pet has to be outdoors in hot weather, make sure there is a shady spot available where it can escape the sun.
If you have to keep your pet outdoors, make sure you provide it with plenty of fresh drinking water.
Do not keep pets in vehicles for any length of time during the summer months. A dog, in particular, can become overheated very rapidly.
Make sure your property fence is high enough so that your dog canít jump over it, and deep enough so that digging under it is impossible. Also, keep your fence in good condition for the safety of your dog. Make sure you latch the gate(s) securely.
Keep fertilizers, insecticides, and other lawn, garden, and pool chemicals in a shed or garage, and well out of your dogís reach. These potent products can be poisonous to your pet.
Be certain that garbage cans and compost bins are inaccessible to your pet. Fatty or decomposing foods can make a dog sick. Bones from chicken or other meat can splinter and puncture your dogís throat, intestine, or roof of its mouth, causing substantial injury to those areas.

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