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Safe Swimming Pool Tips

Swimming pool owners must maintain a safe environment in and around their pool. Swimming pool owners can be held liable for accidents caused by improper use of the pool, especially catastrophic accidents caused by diving into shallow-water areas, and horseplay around the water’s edge.
Swimming pool owners should conduct a safety check of their pool area immediately upon opening the pool, and regularly thereafter.
Things to look for:
  • Inspect all deck equipment for wearing, cracking, and rusting. Carefully inspect diving board and ladder steps for cracks
  • Electrical ground fault-circuit interrupters (GFCI) should function properly
  • Inspect the pool’s coping. Loose or broken coping should be replaced immediately
  • Inspect all fences around the pool. Rochelle Park Township Code requires fencing. This fencing requirement also applies to ornamental pools and ponds which are more than 24 inches in depth
  • Swimming pool chemicals should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from other household hazardous materials. Many swimming-pool chemicals are highly reactive with such things as fertilizers, pesticides, and petroleum products

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