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Rules of the Road for Motorists and Pedestrians

Spring and summer bring longer hours of daylight. With those added hours of daylight come more children, pedestrians, bicycles, and moped traffic onto our roadways. Motorists should be more alert at these times of the year and should drive cautiously.
The police traffic bureau also suggests that all bicyclists should wear an approved bicycle helmet. In fact, children under 14 years of age are required by state law to wear approved helmets. To insure compliance with the law, parents will be notified if their child is found not wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle. In some cases, a summons, answerable in municipal court, may be issued. Moped operators of any age are required to wear a helmet.
Parents should also caution their children to follow safety practices throughout the year. The police department suggests:
  • Parents should instruct their children to walk with friends when going to and from school, and when at play. In addition, parents should insist that their children let them know where they will be at all times
  • Adults must caution children not to accept auto rides, or take candy and/or gifts from strangers. Instruct children to walk or run away from such encounters and, if possible, obtain a physical description of the person and, if that person is in a vehicle, try and get a license plate number. Many children have learned techniques from the police, who have lectured in their school classes. Parents should reinforce this type of training by playing "What if" games with their children. Call your local police department if you require help or information in this area
  • All residents should report the presence of suspicious persons or automobiles to the police. Only through citizen cooperation and assistance can the police be effective in providing necessary protection.
  • Pedestrians must also use caution when crossing the roadway. The law prohibits them from entering the roadway and walking into the path of a vehicle which is so close that it would be impossible for the driver to yield. The Rochelle Park Police Department will strictly enforce the laws pertaining to pedestrians, and a driver will receive a summons for failing to yield, which carries a $44 fine and two points

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