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Pet Owner Responsibilities: Do's and Don'ts

Do be aware that dog owners are responsible for removing dog droppings from public and private property.
Don’t let pets roam free. It is unlawful for dogs to go unleashed. Unleashed pets can create a nuisance or be disruptive to neighbors. So, please, be considerate of your neighbors.
Do keep your dog on a leash anytime you venture outside your yard. This will avoid your pet possibly being injured by a moving vehicle.
Do immunize your pet against rabies, and obtain a license for the animal from the Township Clerk’s office in the municipal building. For more information on dog and cat licensing, please call the Township Clerk’s office at (201) 587-7730.
Do have someone attend to your dog if you will be away from home. The Police Department regularly receives dog-barking complaints from neighbors of dog owners who leave their animals alone for hours.

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