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The Rochelle Park Police Department would like to remind everyone that, with each holiday season, we need to keep in mind some general and basic home security practices. Nationally, burglars enter a house, apartment, or condominium every 15 seconds. Do not let your home become another statistic. Burglars look for what we call "targets of opportunity". In other words, easy pickings.
To protect yourself, make your home look occupied when you are away. Chances are thieves will not burglarize your home if they think you are there. One way to accomplish this is to depend on a trustworthy neighbor while you are gone.
Here are some specific measures you can take to help protect your personal belongings.
Keep track of your keys.
Do not leave a key under a doormat, flower pot, or on a window ledge. Burglars look there first. Never leave an ignition key in your car, and never put a house key on your ignition-key ring.
Keep garage doors closed and locked.
Even when you are home, a locked garage door helps protect any valuable property you may have stored in your garage. If you are to be gone for any length of time, consider disconnecting electric door openers and putting a padlock on the garage-door track.
Park a car in the driveway.
If you have a second car, leave it in the driveway. If you donít have one, ask a neighbor to park there. To help avoid vandalism to the vehicle and the appearance that no one is home, be sure the car is moved periodically.
Do not let deliveries accumulate.
Have a neighbor pick up mail, newspapers, packages, and circulars daily. If that is not possible, have all deliveries stopped so that they do not pile up.
Have your driveway and walks taken care of.
When it snows, shoveled driveways and walks give the appearance that someone is home. If needed, make arrangements to have this taken care of if youíre away.
Keep shrubbery trimmed.
Thick, tall shrubbery provides excellent cover for burglars, and lets them work virtually undetected.
Leave a radio on.
If you are to be away for extended periods of time, you may want to leave a radio playing, or even connect a television to a timer so that it goes on and off at different times each day.
Secure all doors and windows.
Make sure all doors are properly secured and locked.
Get automatic timers.
Interior and exterior lights are among the best visual deterrents in protecting your property. Timers add the extra benefit of programmability.
Adjust the volume on your telephone ringer.
By turning the volume to the lowest level, or even off, a prowler will be less likely to hear an unanswered call. If you have an answering machine, be sure your message does not announce that you are not at home.

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