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Burglar and Fire Alarm Registration

The Rochelle Park Township Committee and the Rochelle Park Police Chief Robert Flannelly, wish to remind residents and business owners that township ordinance requires that the occupant of any residence or business premises in the township must register any burglar or fire alarm for the premises.
Each year the Rochelle Park police respond to hundreds of false alarms, and the ordinance that requires the alarm to be registered is designed to reduce the number of such false alarms. This is done, in part, for better control over faulty or inferior alarm equipment. As a result, the Rochelle Park Police Department will be able to serve alarm users more effectively and efficiently.
The ordinance provides for fines for failing to register an alarm, and there are also penalties for excessive numbers of false alarms during a calendar year.
Chief Robert Flannelly advises that, if your alarm is not registered, you should contact police headquarters and obtain an alarm registration form. There are no penalties for registering a previously-unregistered alarm.

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