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League’s Affiliation with Mayors Wellness Campaign & New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute (NJHCQI)



 New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute (NJHCQI)

Health Care Tools available for all residents at

The health care tools available through NJHCQI are:
“How’s Your Health, NJ?” – This is a simple and easy to use health risk assessment survey designed to help New Jersey residents improve their health by fostering better communication with their medical providers. “How’s Your Health, NJ?” is a free, anonymous, confidential, and user-friendly ten-minute survey. There is no advertising on the site and no personal identifiers (cookies) are collected.  Upon completion of the survey, each respondent can immediately print the results of their assessment as well as a customized education packet on preventive care and chronic illness management. They can also print an outline of their results to share with their doctor and specifically designed to help boost effective communication with doctors and other health care providers.  The League and the Mayors Wellness Campaign is currently in discussions with the Quality Institute on developing a customized “How’s Your Health” survey for municipalities (eg. “How’s Your Health, Trenton?”).  This new project would enable towns to add a few questions to the survey specific to your municipality (eg. “Does your town have enough bike paths?”).  I will keep you updated on this effort and would appreciate your feedback.
HealthGrades – The NJHCQI has partnered with “HealthGrades” – a national leader in health care quality information – to bring user-friendly and the most up-to-date health care quality information to New Jersey’s consumers.  Using its objective health care provider ratings and expert advisory services, HealthGrades works with providers, employers, payers, and patients to offer targeted information that can promote the utilization of quality health care. HealthGrades partnership makes it possible for consumers:
  • To search for a hospital by procedure or diagnosis, geographic location, and compare hospitals on those specific procedures via HealthGrades quality ratings
  • To search for a physician by specialty or geographic location
  • To see previously restricted information about physicians, such as whether a physician has been professionally sanctioned
  • To provide rating and feedback information about their physicians and the quality of care they receive.
NJHCQI provides this comparative information on the health care quality of all hospitals, physicians and nursing homes in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania  . . . and it’s all free of charge!
Leapfrog Patient Safety Initiative – Created by the Business Roundtable with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Leapfrog Group was founded to help save lives and reduce preventable medical mistakes by giving consumers the information they need to make more informed health care choices. Hospitals which participate in Leapfrog provide important information on the efforts they are making to reduce preventable medical errors and implement safety improvements.  All this data is available on the NJHCQI website. Given their commitment to patient safety and the reduction of medical errors hospitals participating in the Leapfrog survey make good choices for care.
Mayors Wellness Campaign – As you know, the Mayors Wellness Campaign provides a wealth of resources on its webpage ( ) in the area of fitness and nutrition.  The complete Mayors Wellness Campaign “toolbox” is available on the site as well.
Links to State of New Jersey Data – The NJHCQI website also allows residents to link to important health care quality data through the New Jersey Department of Health and the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.  The Division of Consumer Affairs is about to make available drug pricing information for each pharmacy in the state to give citizens a powerful new tool to shop around for the best price.  This Drug Price Registry resulted from a study conducted by the Quality Institute and will be linked to the Institute’s website as soon as the state releases it.
The Mayors Wellness Campaign and the New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute has offered to assist towns which want to make this valuable information available to its residents.  Please contact MWC Director Judy Doyle by phone at 609-393-4931 or by email at .
This is a wonderful opportunity for towns to provide useful health information to their residents at no cost and I am hopeful many of you will take advantage of it.
Very truly yours,
William G. Dressel, Jr.
Executive Director
222 West State Street
Trenton, NJ 08608