This is a notification from Marla Klein, Coordinator, Community Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP) of Bergen County, administered by the Bergen County Department of Health Services, on the availability for a limited time only of FREE Veggiecation training.  Veggiecation® is a research-based cooking/teaching program for children from 4 years old to fourth grade and trained certified Veggiecators are tasked with going back to their schools and classes and teaching the culinary program in order to increase fruit and vegetable consumption in students and their families. 


The training normally costs over $300.00 with additional fees but the training, available to Bergen County educators only, is only available until July 15, 2017.


Please review Marla’s message, and network the attached promotional flyer to your contacts in public and private schools, Pre-K schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, and YMCA’s and encourage them to take advantage of this free training. 


For more information, Marla’s contact information is also listed below.

Marla Klein, MS, RDN, MCHES

Bergen County Department of Health Services

Office of Health Promotion

One Bergen County Plaza, 4th Floor

Hackensack, N.J. 07601



201-274-5094 cell