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The Rochelle Park Health Department in coordination with The Bergen County Department of Health Services assists in providing a full scope of contract services to preserve, protect, and promote the health and well being of our residents. Below is a Directory of Health Service Numbers.

Applications for Licensing & Fee Schedules

Some Applications Available for Immediate Download. Click on the Application you wish to download. If download is not available, call 201-587-7730 ext.106

Restaurants, Luncheonettes, etc.

Class Seating Capacity Annual Fee
Class I 1-50 $210.00

Directory of Health Services

Class II 51-100 $270.00

Administrative Services to Municipalities

Class III 101-200 $360.00
Health Officer Coverage 201-634-2600 Class IV Over 200 $420.00
Animal Control 201-634-2600
Direct Nursing Services 201-634-2600
Health Education 201-634-2600



Public Health Nursing Supervision 201-634-2600 Single Food Handling, Retail $150.00
Sanitation Inspection Services 201-587-7730 ext.212 Single Food Handling, Nonprocessing $110.00
Taverns, No Food Service $50.00

Animal Shelter

Delicatessens $250.00
Animal Shelter 201-229-4600 Confectionery Stores $125.00
    Soda Fountains, Snack Bars, Stands, No Seats $125.00

Child and Adolescent Health

Milk License, Per Truck $100.00
Nonpublic School Health 201-634-2667 Milk Handler's Permit Per Store $50.00
Mobile Food Vendors $75.00
Food Processing, Commercial or Wholesale $500.00

Chronic Disease Prevention Health Promotion

Supermarkets $800.00
Health Education 201-634-2600 Cafeterias $150.00
    Cards, Gift and Drug Stores with Packaged Candy $100.00

Communicable Diseases

Cards, Gift and Drug Stores with Loose Candy $100.00
Bloodborne Pathogens Program 201-634-2649 Barbershops and Beauty Parlors or Salons $125.00
Laundromats and Cleaners-Fee for Inspection of Plan $100.00

Environmental Health

Laundromats and Cleaners-Fee for Laundry and/or Cleaners $200.00
Municipal Underground Storage Tank Program 201-634-2780 Fruits and Vegetables $150.00
Pet Stores $100.00

Occupational Health

Vending Machines- First Vending Machine $50.00
Bloodborne Pathogens Program 201-634-2649 Vending Machines- Each Additional Vending Machine $50.00
Occupational Health Program 201-634-2786 Catering Kitchens $200.00
Employee Assistance Program 201-342-1338 Bakeries $200.00
Ice Machines $50.00

Older Adults

Refuse-rendering Vehicle $100.00
Health Consultation/Chronic Disease Prevention Program 201-634-2653 Masseur, Per Operator $200.00
Nursery School or Boarding House $300.00
Boarding and Lodging Places $300.00
Butchers $200.00
Tanning Salons $200.00
Maternity House $300.00
Nursing and/or Convalescent Home $350.00
Food-handling Permits, Temporary

 New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute (NJHCQI)Health Care Tools available for all residents at

Up to and including three days for carnivals, fairs, etc: $75.00
More than three days and up to and including a maximum of 10 days for carnivals fairs, etc: $300.00


Public Bathing Places

Registrar – Katherine Baccala
Deputy Registrar - Denise Baragona
Located in the Building Dept.
Phone 201-556-0520 Ext. #101
Hours Tuesday 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Swimming Pool and/or Whirlpool
(Year-round Operation)
Swimming Pool (Seasonal) $250.00
Outdoor Bathing Place (Seasonal) $250.00




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